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'We Don't Know Their Plans': Airport Workers Fear Privatization Puts Jobs At Risk

“Keyahnna Jackson has a lot of questions about the potential lease of St. Louis Lambert International Airport to a private company.

“Will I still have a job? Are they bringing new people in? Would our rate of pay change? What’s going to be the difference?” Read more

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School of Thought

Weekly program about higher education, issues of social justice and local Washington D.C. music. Check out the archives here

Industry Dive

Podcast: Conversational Commerce with Retail Dive

In this show I break down the biggest retail news and trends through conversations with executives, thought leaders and the Retail Dive team.

Which retailers spend the most on lobbying? 

While Walmart has kept a staid approach in Washington, Amazon's efforts have skyrocketed in recent years. Read more

30 minutes with Rent the Runway's CEO

"Jennifer Hyman rents nearly every article of clothing in her closet, with the exception of pajamas. Her closet, as she frequently says, is in the cloud..." Read more

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Mental and Academic Costs of Campus Activism

"Maxwell C. Little wasn’t in a good place last fall. Many days he stayed up until 3 a.m. to meet with fellow founding members of Concerned Student 1950, the student group protesting racism at the University of Missouri at Columbia, going home for just a few hours and regrouping in the morning. He was tired all the time — physically, mentally, and emotionally..." Read more

Historians of Slavery Find Fruitful Terrain: Their Own Institutions

"Crystal S. Rosson had spent years tracing her family roots - poring over courthouse documents, asking relatives to show her the unmarked graves of their ancestors, even quitting her job at a Virginia high school to devote more energy to her research. With every new picture and article she uncovered, one thought lingered in her mind: Where had her great-grandfather Sterling Jones lived?..." Read more

In Sticking With Woodrow Wilson, Princeton Seeks to Contextualize His Legacy

"Princeton University has decided not to strip Woodrow Wilson’s name from the university’s public policy school and a residential college, defying student protesters who objected to what they called a celebration of the racist legacy of the university’s 13th president..."
Read more

U.S. News & World Report 

8 Ways to Vacation Right and Recharge Your Health [Also featured on The Huffington Post]

"By 6 a.m., Sam Clarke is usually already on a call with an Asian tech company halfway around the world. By the afternoon, she switches to calls in the U.S. And until she goes to bed, she keeps an eye on her email. On a bad week, Clarke, a sales manager for a software startup in San Francisco, clocks in about 55 hours. In the tech industry, "you always have to be available to the customer," she says, adding that the mentality makes going offline on vacation nearly impossible..." Read more

Why joining the urban agriculture movement will make you healthier

"Nearly a decade ago, neighbors living near an abandoned elementary school in LeDroit Park in the District of Columbia described the area as a “thriving, open-air crack market.” But today, the once dangerous lot is flourishing with leafy greens, medicinal herbs and sour cherries... " Read more


A New Coal Mine in Town: Environmental, Economic Questions Still Linger

"Keith Rohl remembers the day he was asked to lease the coal rights to his farmland in Homer, Ill. It was 2009, a wet year for the crops, when he was lined up at the grain elevator with his neighbors hearing about the proposed Bulldog Mine for the first time.

“The neighbors were all talking about, ‘You sell your coal rights, and you get to farm your land on top. You’re going to have all kinds of money and everything.’ And I thought ‘Boy, that sounds great to me, and I was ready to sign up,’ ” he said..." Read more

Tax Sale helps county recover money

"Last year, Bell Sports in Rantoul had about $108,000 in unpaid property taxes. The former Gateway Studios property in Champaign had about $104,800.

And Mennenga Construction Inc. in Urbana had about $84,200.

These properties were the top tax delinquents in Champaign County. In total, the county was owed $2.5 million in delinquent taxes from 987 properties as of October 2014... " Read more

La Jeune Politique

French Smoking Image Tops Tobacco Incentives

"Most days between classes Lea Giacomelli, like many young, French students, finds herself outside university doors rolling thin, brown cigarettes for a smoky conversation with friends. As they enjoy their few minutes of break, a lighter is passed around to spark the dangling cigarettes between their lips..." Read more

The Daily Illini

Suburban Express lawsuits lead to controversy on social media

"A viral Facebook post has sparked discussion regarding fines and lawsuits from bus company Suburban Express.

The original post, which has been shared 789 times and “liked” 646 times in the last two weeks, as of 10:52 p.m. Thursday, traces back to the personal Facebook wall of Jeremy Leval, a graduate student at the University..."  Read more

Suburban Express lawsuits reach 125 this year; conversation continues on Reddit

"Students are continuing the conversation on the UIUC subreddit after Suburban Express lawsuits filed against passengers this year increased from 44 to 125 since Monday. Suburban Express filed 209 lawsuits since April 1994, when the first lawsuit was filed in Champaign County. Eighty-four of these lawsuits were filed prior to 2013..." Read more